Trader Joe's products can inspire some fanaticism among its customers. From the single-serve bananas, the cauliflower rice, the Everything but the Bagel seasoning and more — the grocery store's dedication to , has made it a fan favorite.

But apparently Connecticut has pretty basic grocery needs even at Trader Joe's. into each states' most popular Trader Joe's food searches by state. Connecticut's biggest search: Brussels sprouts. But we're not alone, the cruciferous vegetable was actually the number one most searched Trader Joe's item in the country五福彩票注册送15元. At least Americans are eating their greens.

(To see which other products made the top 5 and Workwise's full state list scroll through the slideshow above.)

This is the second year that Workwise, a customer relationship management company, has taken a look at the Trader Joe's search data saying it wanted to see "which products are still inspiring that sought after customer loyalty and which items have taken the throne this year." The company was able to create its list by looking at the Google Trends data for each item from the customer favorites, determining the favorites of each state by search volume.