BRIDGEPORT — Tactical police forces swept through Bridgeport’s Charles F. Greene 五福彩票注册送15元s housing complex early Friday morning as part of an investigation effort into a recent surge of gang violence across Bridgeport.

During the sweep, state police executed multiple arrest and search warrants targeting individuals associated with Bridgeport’s “Greene 五福彩票注册送15元s Boyz” gang, which operates out of the housing complex.

“These individuals are suspected to be directly related to recent acts of violence, to include the shooting incident at the Connecticut Superior Court located on Golden Hill Street in Bridgeport,” state police said in a release Friday morning.

State police did not immediately identify the number of arrests made, nor the identities of those arrested on Friday morning, but they said more information would be released later on Friday afternoon.

The investigation was conducted by the Statewide Urban Violence Cooperative Crime Control Task Force, a special unit composed of detectives from Connecticut State Police and the Bridgeport Police Department. The DEA and various local police departments also assisted in the investigation.

“This investigation is part of a collaborative effort by several law enforcement agencies, focusing on efforts to reduce violent acts of crime in the city of Bridgeport,” state police said in a press release Friday morning.